Adult Movie Star Flees Holiday Inferno In Swimsuit

A teacher turned OnlyFans star has told how she fled her holiday wearing just her swimsuit after forest fires threatened to engulf her resort in Sardinia.

Former handwriting tutor Elisa Esposito posted a tearful report as she escaped from her holiday home in Posada when wildfires broke out on 5th August.

Footage of her escape shows a road scattered with what appears to be parts of burned-out cars with flames raging on the horizon.

Elisa joined the urgent evacuation of 600 holidaymakers from the region on the Italian island.

She said in a TikTok video: “A fire broke out, it started at 2 pm and is still going on at 7.30 pm.

“There were flames directly in front of our balcony, they made us evacuate.”

Elisa told how she was terrified when she saw the horizon on fire and the sky turning grey from flying ashes.

She told her 1.5 million TikTok followers: “I was in a panic. You keep hearing things exploding, ambulances, firefighters..”

Photo shows Elisa Esposito during the fire in Posada, Sardinia in Italy on Saturday, August 05, 2023. She managed to escape from the fire. (@eli.esposito/CEN)

Elisa said they fled in such a hurry that she had to leave everything but the swimsuit she was wearing.

She explained: “I had literally everything in the house, and now I find myself without anything but my bathing suit. Tonight we don’t even know where to sleep.

“When we tried to come in to retrieve things the police had already come and they didn’t let us through.”

Elisa previously made headlines when she told how her parents backed her decision to join the adult content platform OnlyFans.

She said: “They know what TikTok is, not everyone is so lucky. And they support me.”

She added; “Mum works in a lighting company. Dad is a taxi driver. They are 50 years old. I still have three grandparents, one is on Instagram.”

Elisa Esposito poses in an undated photo. Elisa Esposito, from Milan, Italy, is a teacher who is also a content creator for OnlyFans. (Elisa Esposito/CEN)

At least 600 people were evacuated after a series of wildfires broke out all across the north-eastern Italian coast.

So far, three people have been reported to be injured.

One is a pensioner who was hurt when the immense heat caused a cylinder to explode.

Another is a 78-year-old who received burns all over her arms and legs, local media reported.

The third victim is reportedly a firefighter who sprained his knee while battling the blaze.


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