OnlyFans Model Urges Women Never to Accept Violence After Escaping Abusive Partner

A gorgeous OnlyFans model has revealed how, to her horror, she realised she was in an abusive relationship after the violence had started slowly before becoming so severe it risked killing her.

Turkish influencer Merve Taskin, 24, who has over 567,000 followers on Instagram alone, said that she had always wanted to believe that her partner was worthy of her love, and when the first comparatively minor incident happened, she had forgiven him believing t would make them stronger.

She said that somehow, she convinced herself that it was her fault and continued to try and keep her partner happy, making the same excuses for him as he became increasingly violent.

She said she realises now how incrementally it became accepted that he would beat her, and she wouldn’t run away, becoming desperate for every sign of affection that she could get at the hands of her abuser.

Merve said: “Exactly one year ago on this day, I started a relationship in which I experienced violence for about 7-8 months of a 10-month relationship and the dosage of it increased every day. It ended three months ago.

“First of all, I am not sharing these to make you feel sorry for me or to provoke me. My answer to the question of why you are sharing it now instead of three months ago is that you were not a strong woman back then.

“Maybe there would be comments like ‘you deserve violence, that’s good’. I was not in a psychological state that could handle this sentence at that time.

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Photo shows Merve Taskin, undated. Merve Taskin, a Turkish influencer, claims that was subjected to violence. (@tasskinmerve/Newsflash)

“I avoided sharing, I avoided going into my gallery and looking at these photographs, and I avoided talking about them. I suppressed what I experienced inside myself and ignored it as if it didn’t happen.

“But unfortunately, sooner or later, repressed emotions emerge to become visible. So I pushed as hard as I could until a time when I felt stronger. Until today.

“At first, the violence was milder, perhaps acceptable, but later it gradually started to reach dangerous levels. In a way, I was accepting this to be done to me.

“I forgave each time because I thought inside myself that I was a problem and that this was happening because of me and maybe I deserved it.

“And ‘He’ was telling me that I deserved these and more. Mine was a need and addiction to love. I accepted even the slightest crumb of love.

“Believe me, I don’t know what it was because it can’t be love or affection. You can’t beat someone you love, even if you use violence, you can’t love them. I lost a lot of my self-worth and self-respect.

Merve Taskin poses in an undated photo. Merve Taskin, a Turkish influencer, is in hot water for using OnlyFans. (@tasskinmerve/Newsflash)

“How much could I love myself if I accepted these things being done to me? How could someone else love me when I didn’t love myself?

“It had reached such dangerous levels that I am thankful that I was not killed or injured.

“He was punching my head, ear, nose, kicking my stomach and genitals.

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“Sometimes, he threatened to kill or maim me. Maybe he was threatening me out of anger, but even if I didn’t want to, I could have accidentally died in his hand because he was hitting me in very dangerous places.

“There was no permanent damage left except for my finger. The ligaments in my finger almost broke.

“If it had broken, I would have had to have surgery, but it did not break, and the doctor said I would recover within one year.”

Photo shows an arm of Merve Taskin, undated. Merve Taskin, a Turkish influencer, claims that was subjected to violence. (@tasskinmerve/Newsflash)

And in a second post on Instagram, she said: “From time to time, moments of violence come to my mind, and as soon as they come, I try to change the thought because I do not want to face what I have accepted.

” I do not want to cry. I saw myself as worthless, unimportant, and perhaps someone who should have died. Life had no meaning anymore for me. My only meaning was the person who could not leave me even if he used violence against me. I thought if he couldn’t leave me even though we went through all this, he loved me.

“He wasn’t cheating, he was always with me, he wasn’t doing anything wrong, the rest didn’t matter. How could I find anyone else who is this loving and loyal in this era? That’s why I accepted the violence by somehow normalizing it within me.

“Now I’m ready to face what I’ve put myself through. Yes, I accepted these because there was a point inside me where I saw myself as worthless.

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“Maybe I form the wrong relationships because I didn’t know what a right relationship was when I was a child and because I grew up without a father. I do not know.

“All I know is that we women shouldn’t do this to ourselves. I’m sure that right now, many women cannot leave their lovers or spouses even though they are subjected to violence.

Photo shows legs of Merve Taskin, undated. Merve Taskin, a Turkish influencer, claims that was subjected to violence. (@tasskinmerve/Newsflash)

She then added: “You are not alone, yes, it may be difficult, but one day, once you find the strength to let go, you will heal, albeit slowly. Nothing could be worse than seeing violence every day.

Merve added: “I would like to thank all my friends who tried to save me during this process but could not save me because I did not want to, but always waited for me to return to my old life and supported me when I did.

“Everything was my choice and I experienced the consequences of my choices.”

Merve made international headlines after she was snapped hugging a giant penis at Amsterdam’s Sex Museum in 2020, with Turkish authorities slapping her with a five-month suspended sentence after she returned home.

She was arrested on ‘obscenity charges’ in the north-western Turkish city of Canakkale three months later, and the offending snaps have since been expunged from her social media page.

According to Turkish law, people who publish ‘obscene’ material can receive a prison sentence of up to three years.

She was later acquitted, and last year, she confirmed she made USD 100,000 a month on OnlyFans.


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