Parents Complain After Finding Kids’ Tutor On OnlyFans

A number of parents have complained after finding out one of their children’s schoolteachers flogs erotic content on OnlyFans and Privacy.

Raunchy Rosana dos Reis Abrantes was reported to the Ethics Committee of the Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology of Espirito Santo (IFES) over the source of her additional income.

Rosana, 42, teaches biology to sixth-form pupils, as well as imparting technical education classes at IFES in Vitoria, Brazil.

On Twitter, where her handle is “prof_biosexy”, she has videos of herself suggestively licking a lollipop and momentarily baring one of her nipples for the camera.

IFES is now investigating her behaviour and will reportedly decide on 30th June if she is to face action.

If IFES decides she has violated its code of ethics, Rosana will receive a warning and will be told make “adjustments” to her behaviour.

According to local media, Rosana holds a PhD in Animal Biology from the Federal University of Espirito Santo.

Her first foray into making erotic content reportedly came in August last year when she paid for a “sexy scientist”-themed photoshoot.

Brazilian teacher Rosana dos Reis Abrantes poses in undated photo. She created an account on OnlyFans. (@prof_biosexy/CEN)

Her earnings from her adult content now allegedly represent 20 per cent of her teacher’s salary.

Rosana told local media: “When I launched the page in September last year, my colleagues at work started warning me, asking me to take the page down. I decided to continue.

“This year, I didn’t receive any notice from the institution; I went to the Ethics Committee myself after hearing rumours that there were proceedings against me.”

Rosana is mum to two girls, aged 10 and 17, whose approval she allegedly obtained before signing up to the adult platforms.

The teacher said: “I don’t engage in pornography or explicit nudity. I provoke, I create something sensual with mystery.

“People enjoy that aspect, seeing a teacher in professional attire, removing it and revealing lingerie. It’s a fetish with taboo.”

She asked: “Will I be fired for something that is not related to the institution or my professional duties?”

Brazilian teacher Rosana dos Reis Abrantes poses in undated photo. She created an account on OnlyFans. (@prof.biosexy/CEN)

When Rosana first signed up to the adult platforms, she was married. However, she separated from her husband shortly afterwards.

The marriage was already on the rocks, and the teacher’s raunchy posts reportedly made things even worse.

A statement from IFES reads: “The Professional Ethics Committee for Public Servants of IFES became aware of the case through a complaint received via the Fala.BR system, which is the federal government’s ombudsman system. It is the responsibility of IFES to investigate all received complaints, following the relevant procedures.

“In this case, the complaint is currently in the ‘preliminary procedure’ phase by the Ethics Committee, in accordance with the Professional Ethics Code for Public Servants. It is not an administrative process that can result in punishment. At this stage, we are merely seeking clarification of the facts for the complainant and the institution, without assuming that any violation has been committed.

“At the end of this procedure, if an ethical violation is established, a settlement will be proposed for the reported individual to make the necessary adjustments. The process is conducted in confidentiality.”


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