Young OnlyFans Model Claims Stalker Sent Drone Up To Her Home To ‘Get A Better Look At Her’

An 18-year-old OnlyFans model said she fears for her safety after a stalker flew a drone around her home to take pictures of her and harassed her with non-stop messages.

Photo shows model Brida Nunes in an undated picture. The OnlyFans model claims she was stalked by a drone which took pictures of her at home in Brazil. (@brida_nunesx/Newsflash)

Young Brida Nunes shared screenshots of the texts her stalker sent her that include pictures he took of her as he followed her around her home in Brazil.

Some images appear to have been taken on the street, on her apartment balcony, and even inside her living room.

The man, who messaged her from an account under the name of ‘Micael Gomes’, went as far as sending a drone up to her apartment to “get a better look at her.”

The stunning redhead exposed the creeper on social media, saying: “Today, once again, I had my privacy invaded!”

Brida revealed the situation makes her feel threatened, adding: “We women are constantly subjected to dangerous situations, most of the time without any means of protection.

“What did I do to deserve this? Did I make him too eager, provoke him too much with my photos to the point that he used a drone to invade my apartment to ‘get a better look at me’?”

Brida, who has more than 130,000 followers on Instagram, shared that in addition to the photos, the individual sends her messages of harassment.

Photo shows messages sent to the model Brida Nunes picture taken reportedly by a stalker in Brazil. The OnlyFans model is scared of the situation. (@bridanunesreal/Newsflash)

One message read: “Hey, I think I saw you walking the dog, babe. Was that you? You looked hot.”

He also reportedly said things like “Getting hotter every day, huh, babe?” and “Can’t stop watching you, babe” as he sent Brida photos of her in lingerie on her balcony.

In another image, Brida appears inside her home and mentions that she was photographed by a drone sent by the man.

“Hey, babe. Don’t be startled, haha. Looking fine, aren’t you? Sorry about the drone, haha,” reads the message sent by the stalker.

But what was supposed to be a public complaint apparently turned into an opportunity for some users to attack her.

Brida confessed: “Since I reported what happened to me, I’ve been being criticised a lot, especially by women.

“As if I was to blame for his disgusting attitude.

Photo shows model Brida Nunes picture taken reportedly by a stalker in Brazil. The OnlyFans model is scared of the situation. (@bridanunesreal/Newsflash)

“Once again, history repeats itself: the woman is harassed and even abused, but the fault is never the abuser, but the victim.

“Some may say that due to my profession, it’s ‘normal’ for such things to happen, but then I ask you, why should it be normal for me to be pursued by a complete stranger who claims to be my fan, inside my own home (and on the street)?”

Brida added: “I’m just a person working like all of you, but as with any job, there’s a downside, and in my case, it sometimes involves attracting sick individuals who feel entitled to invade someone’s life like this.

“I ask for respect for all of us, and hope that one day I can stop feeling afraid even within the walls of my own home!”


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