Star Blames ‘Scared Men’ For Two Years Without Love

A stunning Russian influencer has told how she has not had sex for two years because men are too afraid of her fame.

Russian media personality Olga Buzova who got shamed for posting seducing video of her dancing around a striptease poll. (@buzova86/Newsflash)

Gorgeous Olga Buzova, 37, dated a string of social media stars after her divorce from former Russian national football star Dmitri Tarasov in 2016.

Now Olga – who has more than 23 million followers on Instagram – has opened up on her missing love life.

Asked by TV talk show host Pavel Volya about her most recent intimate encounter with a man, outspoken Olga admitted: “The last time was in 2021.”

When her hot asked why, she replied: “Perhaps they are afraid of my power.”

She added: “For me, sex is not the main thing. Love is the main thing. All my men knew that I was very faithful and devoted.”

Instead, said Olga, she works off her frustrations in the boxing ring.

The singer, designer and actress said: “I relieve stress in boxing, sports and at concerts.

Russian media personality Olga Buzova who got shamed for posting seducing video of her dancing around a striptease poll. (@buzova86/Newsflash)

“I talked so much about the qualities that a man should have but love cannot be explained. I don’t need half a guy, I need a whole person.

“He must love me and my work. He must have a sense of humour.”

Speaking about her difficulties in finding Mr Right Olga argued: “Sometimes, life is like this. Therefore, I take it easy.”

She added: “But I know I will have children. Everything has its time.”

Olga recently revealed she had run away from home aged 17 after falling in love.

The stunner once admitted to having a crush on Russian President Vladimir Putin and considering him “strong” and “charismatic.”

In September 2021, Olga sparked mixed reactions among her fans by posting a video showing her gyrating on a pole.

Picture shows Russian influencer and singer Olga Buzova, 37, undated. She confessed that she hadn’t sex for two years cause men were afraid of her power. (@buzova86/Newsflash)

She told her followers that she aimed to master the skill and had even sought help from a pole-dancing champion.

Sporting a tight black bodysuit, she claimed to have “big plans” for her new passion.

However, Olga’s fans filled her comments section with messages slamming her performance as little more than a “home striptease.”

Instagram user ‘Bzzikk1984’ simply wrote: “Wooden!”

Netizen ‘Arr.1naaaa’ commented: “And you wonder why they laugh at you?!”

‘Verba.irina.official’ said: “She’s not even flexible yet.”

‘Gadaeva8915’ remarked: “Oh nightmare.”


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