Ronaldo-Linked OnlyFans Star Deletes Account After Divine Intervention

A Brazilian reality TV star once romantically linked to footie ace Cristiano Ronaldo has deleted her OnlyFans account after a pledge to “start over with God”.

Brazilian model Andressa Urach, 35, poses in an undated photo. Andressa recently decided to delete her account on OnlyFans, an adult content platform, after returning to the evangelical church. (Andressa Urach/Newsflash)

In a teary video shared with her 617,000 YouTube subscribers on 24th May, Andressa Urach revealed: “I’ve just deleted my OnlyFans account.

“I made this decision because God has been bothering me about many things, and I know that if I die, I won’t take anything with me. I am starting over with God.”

The 35-year-old added: “To those of you who belong to God, I ask for your prayers so that I can overcome myself, my flesh, my ego.

“To overcome difficult moments, to overcome all the tribulations I have been through.”

Andressa cried emotionally while sharing that her OnlyFans profile – which, she said, provided “easy money” but caused pain in her soul – no longer exists.

She said through tears: “This moment is about giving up a symbolic value that is quick and easy, but for the soul, it brings a lot of pain.

“It brings guilt, accusation, and burden. Once you know the word (of God), living outside of His will is torturous.”

Brazilian model Andressa Urach, 35, cries in undated footage. Andressa recently decided to delete her account on OnlyFans, an adult content platform, after returning to the evangelical church. (@AndressaUrachOficial/Newsflash)

Andressa, who also boasts 2.9 million followers on Instagram, thanked her fans for their support, saying: “Thank you for being here with me on YouTube.

“Thank you so much because I know there are people who genuinely root for me, people with beautiful hearts, people of God, people who have never abandoned me even though I’m a bit crazy.”

Andressa had previously left the evangelical Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) after her hefty donations to the institution had left her broke.

In her recent video, she revealed that she had found a new evangelical church in Porto Alegre with her mum and stepdad.

She told her subscribers: “The name of the church is Ponto de Fe e Amor (Point of Faith and Love), which is just starting out.

“The first one was in Uruguaiana, and now they’re coming to Porto Alegre. Wow, it was so good.

“They talked a lot about not losing hope because as long as we have life, we must have hope.

Brazilian model and influencer Andressa Urach (33), after a phase dedicated to evangelical religion, decided to participate in Miss Bumbum 2021. (@andressaurachoficial/Newsflash)

“Things don’t always happen the way we would like them to, but God is an expert in changing everything.”

The influencer burst into tears while telling how she was profoundly touched by the service she had just got back from.

She said: “It was precisely this word about hope that touched me deeply. We can never lose hope. We can never let negative thoughts invade our minds.

“It’s a constant, daily struggle.”

Andressa, in 2020, revealed that she had left the UCKG after dedicating “the last six years of my life to Jesus”.

Her experience in the evangelical church, she said, had left her unhappier than in her former life as an escort.

She said at the time: “I ended up feeling disposable. I’d never felt like that, not even in prostitution.”

Andressa Urach, 35, poses in undated photo. She anounced on Tuesday, Feb, 14, 2023, that she created an account on OnlyFans. (@andressaurachoficial/Newsflash)

The UCKG has been accused of fraud, money laundering, charlatanism, running an illegal child adoption network, and even witchcraft.

Andressa is alleged to have handed over about BRL 1.5 million (GBP 241,000) to the institution during her time there.

In February 2021, she announced that she would take part in the upcoming Miss Bumbum beauty pageant, angering the fans she had picked up during her devout phase.

Andressa has been a mainstay in the headlines over the years ever since her alleged tryst with Portuguese football legend Cristiano Ronaldo back in 2013.


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