Women Should Never Fake Orgasm Says Raunchy OnlyFans Star

A sexy OnlyFans model who dumps any man who doesn’t bed her more than 15 times a week has told her female followers never to fake an orgasm.

Czech-born stunner Katrin Vogelova passed on the tip during the latest episode of her podcast ‘Queen of Bitches’.

The 26-year-old influencer – from Leipzig, Germany – said: “Never fake an orgasm, you have to think about yourself during sex.”

And Katrin – known to fans as Katja Krasavice – went on to warn women not to chase after any man.

She said: “If you text too much, you make yourself dependent on a person who doesn’t feel like you.”

She added: “Always use a condom to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy or diseases.”

The erotic model – who has more than 3.6 million followers on Instagram – claims to earn EUR 100,000 (GBP 86,780) a month through Only Fans.

But she says she is not looking for a serious partner at the moment.

Katja Krasavice, aged 26, from the city of Berlin, Germany, poses in undated photo. She claimed she earns more than six figures a month on OnlyFans. (@katjakrasavice/Newsflash)

Katja said: “I always just want to have fun, preferably friends with benefits.

“But men don’t get that, most of them say ‘What’s up with us?’ or ‘I love you’ after the second meeting.”

She warns that men can get hooked too quickly because of her sizzling sex skills.

Katja said: “I cook, I massage, I fuck well, I take care of everything. Then when they fall in love, I’m no longer interested.

“I like flirting. I’m mostly passive, not dominant, I like it when people flirt with me.

“There was a bartender who came up to me and introduced himself and said, ‘And who are you?’ as if he didn’t know who I am, and afterwards I saw that he was following me on Instagram.”

And she revealed that the sexiest asset a man can have is a big bank balance.

Artist Katja Krasavice, is accused by the animal organization Peta of animal cruelty in her new music video for her new single named “Onlyfans”. (@katjakrasavice/Newsflash)

Katja said:: “I dream that the man is above me in terms of income.

“In my league, being dethroned would be awesome. I don’t want to feel like the boss, I’m the boss all the time, it’s annoying!”

Katja made headlines when she said during a live stream on Instagram on 24th May, that she would dump any guy who would not have sex with her more than twice a day.

She said: “If I’m in a relationship and my boyfriend only bangs me 15 times a week, I’ll break up! He must always be ready.”


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