Mum’s Fury After Daughter Took To OnlyFans To Save Horse Sanctuary

A model has told how she was shunned by her mum after she turned to OnlyFans to help keep her horse sanctuary open.

Mexican influencer Elena Larrea has told how she was struggling to pay the bills at the home for abandoned and abused mounts.

So she began posting erotic footage on the adult platform and was amazed by the reaction she got.

One Elana’s clip shows her posing in nothing but tiny thong bikinis and cowboy boots Stetsons as she walked through her sanctuary at a former stud farm.

She told local media: “The Covid-19 pandemic affected me greatly, I was left without the pensions I had and the visitors I received at the sanctuary.

“When I reached a very strong crisis point, I decided to open OnlyFans with the hope of generating something and it was a complete success.

“Since I opened the account, more than 30 horses have been rescued, and I was able to move all my horses.”

But, says Elena, she has faced an angry reaction on social media, including from her own mother.

Footage shows Elena Larrea with horses, undated. She managed to promote a sanctuary for abused horses thanks to OnlyFans. (@elenaypunto/CEN)

She said: “However, everyone criticised me on social networks and burned me alive.

“But the reality is that I have done extremely well with OnlyFans.

“I practically owe the project to the page and to all the people who are on that platform because it really gave me a lot of momentum.

“The truth is that my mom blocked me and my whole family blocked me.

“Mainly, my mother got angry when she saw how everyone criticised and made fun of me.

“Now no one doubts me anymore, because, well, they have seen that they really do invest that money in horses.

“At the beginning, everyone said this was nothing real and it was a strategy and I have managed to shut everyone’s mouth with my work.”

Elena Larrea poses in undated photo. She managed to promote a sanctuary for abused horses thanks to OnlyFans. (@elenaypunto/CEN)

Elena also spoke of her beginnings at the Cuacolandia sanctuary, set in Haras Ciudad Ecologica forest, in Puebla State.

She said: “Since 2019, we have rescued 312 horses from abuse and abandonment.

“I always loved horses very much, since I was a girl I was a rider.

“I have ridden all my life and when I grew up a little I had the opportunity to give something back to the horses for all they have given me, so I decided to open the Cuacolandia sanctuary.

“It has been a very difficult process, the rescues, keeping the horses, dealing with stupid people, internet hating, etc.

“Everything has been very complicated. But now people support us more, fortunately, we have more resources and in the end, we are going up.”

Elena said that fellow OnlyFans model Karely Ruiz refused to help her, while Marcelamoss collaborated with her to help the sanctuary.

Elena Larrea poses in undated photo. She managed to promote a sanctuary for abused horses thanks to OnlyFans. (@elenaypunto/CEN)

She said: “I did a collaboration with Marcelamoss, she is an OnlyFans artist girl.

“However, one with whom I tried to make an approach was Karely Ruiz, but the truth is she had no interest.

“Yes, I managed to talk to her, but she had no interest, she just gave me the slip and then I told her: ‘I thought you wanted to help the animals’ and she replied: ‘I don’t need to help the animals through you.'”

Elena also advised all the people who want to help animals and added: “Don’t give up, I know it is a very complicated path, but in the end, the light comes out for all of us who have a good heart.

“The truth is that this has cost me blood, I have worked my butt off to get this project forward and with perseverance. Sometimes you even stop eating for your animals, but love for them is a very strong force.”


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