Bungling Influencer Buys Pill To Boost Her Libido That Was Meant For Men

A bungling sex influencer has been made a laughing stock after complaining that a pill she bought to boost her libido had left her feeling sleepy instead, unaware that it was designed for men to boost their erection.

Photo shows Malaysian influencer Gatita Yan, undated. She claims she spent a lot of money on sex toys and pills in the US that do not work on her. (@gatitayan770_/Newsflash)

Eagle-eyed fans spotted that the pill that she had taken, X Platinum 20000, was actually for men and contained chemicals including Tribulus Terrestris, which boosts testosterone levels, Lyco-pene, which improves a man’s fertility and L-arginine which enlarges blood vessels and gives a longer lasting erection.

Clueless Gatita Yan purchased the pills while on an extended holiday with her boyfriend Tay Wee Shen in the US until 18th January. The couple had arrived in the country on 24th October.

But she told fans how she was left disappointed after she splurged on sex toys and sex enhancement pills while on holiday and was disappointed when the pills failed to arouse her.

Photo shows the sex pill Gatita Yan bought in US, undated. The Malaysian influencer was disappointed. (@gatitayan770_/Newsflash)

The 31-year-old influencer started the holiday celebrating her birthday with her boyfriend on 26th October. It was around that time that the couple came across a sex shop and bought some pills and sex toys.

Gatita, a former OnlyFans creator known for showcasing her wealth and previously selling adult items, including sex toys, shared online that the purchased pills did not arouse her but instead made her feel drowsy.

Gatita said: “I spent thousands of Malaysia ringgits on some [sex] toys and this pill, which was claimed to have some effects on women.”

Photo shows the sex pill Gatita Yan bought in US, undated. The Malaysian influencer was disappointed. (@gatitayan770_/Newsflash)

She claimed she spent nearly RM 200 (EUR 39) on the pills.

But the images show the X Platinum 20000 pill she said she bought is, in fact, a male sexual performance enhancement pill.


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