Pop Star Gets Stitches After Whacking Nose In Trapeze Stunt

A German pop star ended up with stitches after whacking her nose in a dangerous trapeze stunt on stage during a song titled ‘Wounds’.

Russian-born Helene Fischer, 38, can be seen in video footage of the shocking incident dropping down from the trapeze when her head was knocked back after hitting the base.

But the show went on, and Fisher finished the song, with her then seen with blood pouring down her face at the end of the ironically titled song ‘Wounds’.

The Schlager singer, who ranked eighth on Forbes’ list of ‘The World’s Highest-Paid Women In Music 2018’ with earnings of USD 32 million (GBP 25 million), then reportedly cancelled the rest of her show on Sunday, 18th June.

She has since taken to Instagram, where she has nearly a million followers, to say on Monday, 19th June: “I hardly slept a wink tonight, my heart was heavy from yesterday – from the abrupt end of the show!

“The last thing I want is to disappoint you like this!

“Yesterday’s concert in Hanover was supposed to be a brilliant conclusion to the first part of our tour.

We’ve done 43 shows so far!!!

“I am so incredibly proud of my amazing crew. We’ve accomplished a lot since rehearsals started in February and everyone has given their best night after night – for me, for the team, for you fans!

“That touched me deeply, because I could feel every evening: We’re not all just doing our job, it’s pure passion!

“I would have loved to have celebrated the end of the party with you yesterday…

“Please don’t worry about me. I’m doing well. I was well taken care of.

“I wanted to go straight back out to you, but then I had to realise that the wound was too deep to continue. I later had fantastic stitches in the hospital, and no fractures or anything else were found.

“Many thanks to the great medical team.

“A very big thank you also goes to my own team for the sensational first aid. You were my port yesterday.

“And thanks also to all paramedics. I take my hat off to you, angels without wings!

“I’m using the break now to recover and recharge my batteries so I can rock with you all again in Cologne!
Thank you again for your sympathy, well wishes and understanding!

“To my dear crew: Enjoy your well-deserved break and then we’ll see you all fresh and relaxed in Cologne!!!”

One of the people attending the concert at the time of the incident told local media: “There was a strange noise.”

The so-called ‘Queen of schlager’ finished her daring performance despite the blood streaming down her face.

Fisher then left the stage, with organisers reportedly cancelling the show 15 minutes later, citing a “medical necessity”.

One concert-goer said: “Some cried out of shock. Helene could be seen briefly on the monitors, you could see blood spurting out of her nose.

“Of course, you can understand the cancellation after such an accident. Hopefully, she recovers quickly.”

The concert was supposed to mark the first half of Helene’s tour, which is currently scheduled to continue in the city of Cologne’s Lanxess Arena in August this year.


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