Eye-Popping Cop Stops Traffic With Her Dangerous Curves

This is the curvy cop who manages to stop the traffic even when she isn’t on duty.

Stunning Francisca Magdalena Rodriguez Maciel always turns heads while out patrolling the streets of Sinaloa, Mexico.

And just one look at video footage of Francisca on duty as she checks buses and talks to motorists tells you why.

Her skin-tight breeches and shirt leave little to the imagination and certainly reveal why she’s a popular sight in anyone’s rearview mirror.

And besides managing traffic, the dark-haired beauty has also won hearts on TikTok, where she has more than 100,000 followers.

The 38-year-old, known among her social media fans as “Panchita”, often uploads videos of her daily life on the beat.

And many of her adoring fans would like nothing more than to be handcuffed by her for a bit of rough handling in the back of a police car.

One fan said: “Lock me in your heart, I plead guilty, and let my punishment always be loving you.”

Another said: “You’re an angel turned into a police officer.”

Her videos have clocked up thousands of views as she manages traffic, talks to truckers and runs road safety classes for children.

But she said: “Not everyone has the same opinion of me.

“Some will tell you that I am good person, others will say the opposite.

“Believe them both, because I act according to how you are with me.”

Francisca revealed that she’s often bombarded with flowers and chocolates while she’s on the beat – but warned that she never accepts bribes.


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