Playboy Model Says She’ll Kiss Any Man (Or Woman) When Drunk

A Playboy model who has been single for a year after splitting from her Bundesliga footballer husband has told how she’ll snog any man or woman when she’s drunk.

Cathy Hummels, 35, poses in undated photo. The stunning woman received help from a police officer after her pants got stuck in her bike chain. (@cathyhummels/CEN)

Cathy Hummels says she can now imagine going on dates again after separating from 2014 World Cup winner Mats Hummels in 2022.

Asked by a German radio presenter how many dates men would have to wait until she would kiss them, stunning brunette Cathy Hummels said: “I love to snog when I’m drunk.”

Cathy, 35, added: “The sex is irrelevant, I don’t care. I also kiss women in such situations. Then I just want to snog.”

Energy Munich host Aaron Troschke went on to ask her: “How many men did more than just snogging with you in your life?”

Cathy made it clear that she doesn’t bed just anyone and has had very few lovers.

She said: “I can count them with one hand. I don’t open my castle to anyone. To me, this is a very private matter.”

Cathy left her fans in awe by posing topless for Playboy Germany’s July issue.

Cathy Hummels, 35, poses in undated photo. The stunning woman received help from a police officer after her pants got stuck in her bike chain. (@cathyhummels/CEN)

On the show broadcast on 18th September, she was also asked to share some of her kissing horror stories.

Cathy said: “There are men who are utterly incapable of kissing.

“I mean those nervous guys who just stick their tongues into your mouth while you’re just thinking to yourself: ‘Okay, please stop it now!’.”

Cathy, who has 700,000 Instagram followers, added: “But it’s all over when his breath smells bad, regardless of how handsome he may be. That’s just disgusting.”

And she rejected the DJ’s suggestion to apply for telly dating show Bachelorette.

She explained: “The private Cathy is incredibly shy. If I really like a guy, I start to act awkwardly.”

Cathy recently attended the Munich Oktoberfest beer festival.

Asked by celeb magazine Bunte whether she was looking forward to meeting there, she admitted: “Yes, I’m out for fresh meat. Online dating doesn’t do it for me.

Cathy Hummels, 35, who posed for Playboy Germany, undated photo. She revealed she found goalkeeper Iker Casillas sexy. (@cathyhummels/CEN)

“I usually don’t approach guys in a proactive way. But maybe I should start doing so?”

Reactions among social media users were mixed.

User ‘Its_me_Pia’ moaned: “SOS! Find Cathy a guy. It has become unbearable.”

‘Anna_Fasciani’ criticised: “The host really stepped over some lines with his outrageous, stupid questions. It’s just a shame that Cathy didn’t react in a more quick-witted way.”

‘Mrs_Santoro’ claimed: “And if she had 500 (men in bed) – it would be no one’s business.”

‘Theo_01011900’ agreed, saying: “Five are not enough, 150 are too many – no one will ever be happy with how we live our lives.”

Cathy and Borussia Dortmund centre-back Mats Hummels, 34, were married for seven years.

WAG and influencer Cathy Hummels (33), who is married to Mats Hummels, who plays as a centre back for Borussia Dortmund, showing her body while working out. (@cathyhummels/CEN)

Their son Ludwig was born in 2018.

In March, Cathy – born Catherine Fischer – captioned an Instagram snap showing her and Mats surrounded by shopping bags: “Damn, yes, we’re divorced. But we’re still cool with each other.”


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