Perv Relieved Himself Over Bum Of Pretty Influencer Who Banned Men From Her Clothing Store

A pretty influencer who banned men from her women’s clothing store over frequent complaints of inappropriate behaviour has complained to cops after a perv ejaculated on her bum as she went to work.

Andrea Costa, who has more than a million followers on Instagram, said that she was in a shopping centre in Sao Jose dos Campos, in Sao Paulo Province, when a man followed her around and ejaculated on her bum while she was riding an escalator on 15th August.

The incident took place at the Shopping Centro shopping centre, where Andrea, who is also a businesswoman, has her shop.

She said: “I was going upstairs when I felt something running down my leg. It looked like water. I already looked back and saw a guy on the bottom step, glued to my ass. I checked if he had a bottle of water, because a liquid fell on me, but he had his hand in his pocket, making gestures. It was so surreal that I couldn’t comprehend it.”

She added: “He was wearing a mask, wearing a cap, and he never looked back so I wouldn’t recognise him. When I entered my shop, the girls said it wasn’t water. He had come on my leg. I ran inside and cleaned it with alcohol. My whole bottom was dirty.”

Photo shows Andrea Costa after a man ejaculated on her leg in a shopping center in Sao Jose dos Campos in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Tuesday, August 15, 2023. She has a store in the mall. (@andreacostaoficial/CEN)

Andrea said she then had a panic attack after realising that she had been the victim of sexual assault.

She said: “First I had a shivering attack, then a panic attack, then despair, revolt, and now I don’t know what I’m feeling. But I need to talk because it can’t stay like this.”

She said on social media that she then found out that two other women had been victims of a similar crime so she went to the police, complaining about the last of security in the shopping centre.

Andrea said: “Now I’m filing a police report, I called all security at the mall. And do you know what I discovered? I’m not the only victim.

“When I went to tell security he asked if it was a tall one and I said it is. Then he said that he already did with two more. Security knew. Why didn’t anyone do anything?”

Shopping Centro said that it strongly condemns what happened and that it would provide support and help collect evidence to hand over to the authorities, who are investigating.


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