Mexican Nursery School Teacher Expelled By Mothers Over OnlyFans Lands Playboy

A Mexican nursery school teacher who lost her job after mothers complained that she was setting a bad example for their kids because she was on OnlyFans has now featured in Playboy.

Alejandra Trillo charges USD 15 (GBP 11.77) on the adult content platform and after her stint in Playboy, she has reportedly seen her popularity on TikTok and other social networks surge.

She can be seen in these clips in a skimpy bikini by a pool, leaving little to the imagination. But it was her interest in modelling, instead of just posting saucy content, that reportedly led to Playboy becoming interested.

Trillo, originally from Guadalajara, said that she misses the classroom, but that she is aware that that era of her life is over and she is now looking to the future.

Photo shows Alejandra Trillo, a kindergarten teacher from Mexico, undated. Trillo is allegedly criticized by parents for her presence on social media. (@alejandratrillo/CEN)

Trillo has gone viral on TikTok before, notably when she posted a video of herself at a shopping centre asking children to reveal secrets about their parents.

One little girl, for MXN 100 (GBP 4.59), reportedly revealed in front of her parents that her mother was having an affair.

Trillo and the girl’s parents were visibly shocked, with the footage notching up over 60 million views.


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