Moment Glass Door Shatters On Influencer’s Daughter, 3, While She Is Closing It

This is the moment a glass door completely shatters on an influencer’s three-year-old daughter leaving her covered in razor-sharp shards.

The incident took place when young Eva, the youngest daughter of top Brazilian influencer Thais Carla, 32, who has 3.3 million Instagram followers, was on a balcony at around 8 pm on 30th October.

Eva, wearing a pink dress, can be seen in the CCTV footage leaving the balcony where she was playing with another child who is seen on a trampoline.

However, as she was sliding the glass door closed, the glass suddenly came shattering down and covering her in shards.

The young girl, clutching her head, then ran to her mother, who was shocked by the incident.

Glass door breaks on Brazilian influencer’s daughter, Monday, Oct. 30, 2023. Thais Carla’ CCTV caught the moment. (@thaiscarla/CEN)

Thais shared the video online, saying: “My God, people, it was a tragedy that happened here. The glass broke and fell on top of Eva. I’m still overwhelmed by what happened; it’s distressing.”

The child reportedly did not suffer any serious injuries, but Thais said: “I had to give her a bath, I took the glass off her head. I don’t even want to think about it; my heart froze.”

Eva, who was also scared, reportedly asked: “Everything’s fine, isn’t it, Mum?”

Her mother calmed her down and said that her daughter was luckily left with just a minor headache because the glass had fallen on her head.


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