Big-Boobed Adult Star Kicked Out Of Mall For Low-Cut Top

A porn star famous for her huge boobs has told how she was marched out of a shopping mall by burly security guards for having too much cleavage on show.

Brunette Jaiane Lima recently told her army of online fans how she was told to leave the mall in Florianopolis, Brazil, while she filmed content for social media.

Jaiane – who boasts more than half a million followers across her two Instagram accounts – had been parading through the mall in a low-cut crossover top.

Video footage – filmed before she was slung out – shows her riding up an escalator with her white outfit leaving little to the imagination.

She explained later: “I live on the coast, and the temperature was 30 degrees.

“There was nothing wrong, I was just walking around, I know my breasts are big and draw attention.”

The stacked social media star explained how a man “around two metres tall” walked over and started shouting at her.

Jaiane said: “He wanted to take my phone, called two more security guards, and he completely cornered me.

Brazilian influencer Jaiane Lima poses in undated photo. She was apparently expelled from Floripa Shopping for wearing short clothes. (@jaianelimma/CEN)

“The entire mall was looking at me, and it seemed like I had committed a robbery, like I had stolen something from a store.”

The inked influencer, who called the experience “humiliating”, raged: “It’s very sad to see how we women suffer.”

Jaiane – who sells porn footage on the adult content platform Privacy – went on: “Respecting women means understanding that she can be whatever she wants, whether it’s a housewife or wearing a low neckline.

“We deserve respect.”

She added: “Look at this drama, people. I’m not even naked or anything. I’m wearing my skirt, and the guy made a huge scene.”

She further revealed: “I started recording him, and when he said I was obliged to go with him and the other two security guards to a room, I got really scared.

Picture shows Brazilian influencer Jaiane Lima at a mall in Santa Catarina, Brazil, undated. She was apparently expelled from Floripa Shopping for wearing short clothes. (@jaianelimma/CEN)

“I could only think of the worst.

“When we got there, he forced me to delete all the videos from my phone, including the ones showing him being completely rude.”

Calling his behaviour “abusive”, she added: “It’s unbelievable that there are still so many men who think that women should be how they want us to be and serve their desires.”

At the time of writing, the shopping centre in question – Floripa Shopping – had not responded to local media’s request for comment.


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