Turkish Pop Star Says She Wants To Meet Aliens

Racy Turkish pop star Aleyna Tilki has raised eyebrows by tweeting that she wants to meet aliens.

Photo shows Aleyna Tilki, undated. She is a Turkish singer and songwriter. (@aleynatilkiofficial/Newsflash)

The blonde singer-songwriter took to Twitter on 31st May to tell her 603,100 followers: “NASA, now you should also become a part of society without trying to manage society’s awareness and confess the existence of aliens so that we can comfortably hang out with those races. We need each other.

“Let’s not have half-baked information; that would be manipulating society through perception. Take a clear step towards building that bridge with our alien brothers, friends, and buddies. Make things easier.

“Our curiosity about aliens was a step towards exploring the space within us. Other extraterrestrials can help us have an easier connection with our emotional world and the space within our bodies. Since the greatest investments are being made in outer space, other than ourselves, then we have the right to meet aliens.

“We are all one. Understanding aliens will also help us understand ourselves. We want to communicate with more diverse beings.”

The 23-year-old’s comments came after NASA, on 31st May, held its first public meeting on UFOs a year after launching a study into unexplained sightings.

Photo shows Aleyna Tilki, undated. She is a Turkish singer and songwriter. (@aleynatilkiofficial/Newsflash)

Speaking at the meeting, Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office at the U.S. Department of Defense, said that he and his colleagues had received more than 800 UFO reports so far, with 50 to 100 reports monthly.

NASA, however, said that it had not yet seen any “extraordinary evidence” of non-human intelligence.

Commenting on Aleyna’s tweets, one social media user wrote: “You’re an alien too. There’s nothing to confess.”

Another commented: “Carry on with your manufactured songs, leave the alien stuff aside.”

One immigration sceptic jibed: “Syrians, Afghans, Pakistanis aren’t enough, let’s have aliens as well to make it perfect.”

And another simply wrote: “Speak for yourself.”


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