Moment Malaysian Influencer Gives Hubby Massive Cash Cake For His Birthday

This is the moment a Malaysian influencer gives her husband a massive cake made entirely of cash for his birthday.

The popular influencer, named as Foong Sin Yee, who has over 731,000 followers on Instagram alone, shared the images of her husband’s birthday and the massive ‘cake’, reportedly worth MYR 300,000 (GBP 50,000).

The footage shows the huge, towering cake being set up before it is wheeled out in front of the influencer’s husband as guests celebrate and party.

The husband, wearing a pilot uniform, cuts a smaller, real cake, before the pair kiss passionately as the footage ends.

The young woman, who also goes by ‘candyball_viion’, shared the images online and captioned her post: “A birthday surprise prepared for my husband. I gave my husband a money cake worth MYR 300,000.

Malaysian influencer Foong Sin Yee surprises husband with cash cake, undated. It was for his birthday. (@candyball_viion/CEN )

“Every time, you have made me the heroine. This time, let me write a script to make you the male protagonist.”

She added: “Thank you for loving me, I will spend my whole life by your side. May the kindhearted you have all the good things in the world.”

Local media speculated that the party was pilot- and aircraft-themed judging by the influencer’s husband’s and their guests’ attires.


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