I’m Having Nun Of It, Says Model Fleeing OnlyFans For Convent

A tattooed OnlyFans star has told how she is deleting her profile to enter a nuns’ convent after her explicit porn videos were seen by her boyfriend’s family.

Italian model Emy Buono poses in undated photo. She decided to cancel her OnlyFans account. (@emy_buono_/Newsflash)

Brunette Emy Buono from Naples, Italy, has previously hit headlines for getting her kit off to celebrate her beloved Napoli’s Serie A win in May.

Now she has confessed that she is abandoning the adult platform “to find some serenity” in a convent.

Emy, 25, starts her period of reflection at the Oblate Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus congregation in Sorrento today (22nd August).

Emy, who just months ago was advocating for sexual liberation, told local media: “I’m going to a convent for a while. I need to find some serenity.

“I regret opening an OnlyFans account. I regret selling pornographic videos. The platform isn’t secure.

“It didn’t protect me because the paid content I posted went viral and ended up on everyone’s phones. Some of this content was seen by everyone.

“It even reached my boyfriend’s family, causing me significant problems. I was shocked.”

Italian model Emy Buono poses in undated photo. She decided to cancel her OnlyFans account. (@emy_buono_/Newsflash)

Before signing up to the London-based platform, Emy – who previously took part in the reality show “Ti spedisco in convento”, the Italian version of “Bad Habits, Holy Orders” – says she was not aware of the risks.

She said: “I rarely regret what I do, but I hadn’t anticipated some of the consequences.

“I still like to display myself, I’ve always enjoyed it. But what makes me regret OnlyFans is mainly the fact that I didn’t feel safe doing what I was doing anymore.

“As long as these videos stayed on the platform, it was fine, but the fact that they got out and went viral, accessible to everyone, made me realise things.

“I made these videos for profit, I was selfish, I didn’t think about anyone, not my family or my loved ones.”

Emy told local media she does not know what path her life would have taken had her subscriber-only content not been leaked.

But she revealed her stay in a convent may even lead her to becoming a nun.

Italian model Emy Buono poses in undated photo. She decided to cancel her OnlyFans account. (@emy_buono_/Newsflash)

Emy said: “Today I think that porn isn’t a real job. This situation shook me, it didn’t sit well with me at all.

“I decide who I send content to, I decide who I display myself to. This situation made me feel very small, because I realised I hurt many people I care about.

“I don’t want to become a saint, that’s for sure, but I want to distance myself from people who judge me.

“I meet people on the street, they say indecent things even when I’m with my mother. I want to enter the convent to find some peace and well-being.

“I won’t take vows, but it’s not something I can rule out given how unique I am.”

The congregation Emy enters today was founded in the 17th century to educate poor girls and prepare them for a life of religion.

The model told local media: “I actually started there with the show ‘Ti spedisco in convento’ (‘I’m Sending You to a Convent’).

Italian model Emy Buono poses in undated photo. She decided to cancel her OnlyFans account. (@emy_buono_/Newsflash)

“They know me, we’ve remained on good terms, and despite the OnlyFans situation, they’ve always accepted me for who I am.

“I found peace there once before, I want to go back. That’s home for me.”

Emy, who has 152,000 followers on Instagram, used to find her adult content creation work empowering, but now she thinks differently.

She told local media: “Today I can say that I wasn’t facing reality. These things hurt when you realise it.

“When the point comes where your exposure is at its maximum, you can’t go back anymore.

“I’m certain that I’ll never find work in Italy again, because I’ll always be labelled for what I’ve done.

“I ended up fleeing my country, I fell into depression, I was confined at home for two months, I took antidepressants, and I even thought about suicide.”

Italian model Emy Buono poses in undated photo. She decided to cancel her OnlyFans account. (@emy_buono_/Newsflash)

Despite reaching a low point, Emy managed to pull through with the help of her mum.

She said: “My mother is with me every day. She’s never accepted my choices, but she’s never left me alone.

“I have no relationship with my father, he’s never been okay with this job. He even said in a TikTok video that he didn’t want me to have his last name. Even my uncle doesn’t talk to me anymore.”

However, as well as her mother, Emy can rely on the support of her partner.

She said: “He’s always accepted me for who I am and he’s never spoken publicly, because I intend to protect him in every way.”


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