Russian Popeye Bazooka Arms Faces 13 Years In Jail After Explicit Stream With Escort Girls

The Russian influencer who became known as ‘Popeye’ after injecting his arms with oil is facing up to 13 years in prison over an explicit stream with escort girls.

This is according to Russian media.

Top-heavy Kirill Tereshin, 27, can be seen in footage in the company of two large-breasted women.

The stream reportedly also showed the two women kissing, causing ‘Popeye’ to fall foul of Russia’s strict anti-LGBT laws.

The video shows ‘Popeye’ dancing with the two women, with images also showing him with his head between their breasts.

Russian media reported that the head of the Federal Project on Security and Anti-Corruption, Vitaly Borodin, contacted the Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs over the stream.

Photo shows Kirill Tereshin, also known as the Russian Popeye, with two women, undated. He reportedly faces prison because of an explicit stream. (@ruki_bazuki_official/CEN)

He demanded that Tereshin be checked for propagandising drugs, and promoting LGBT values and for his finances to be looked into.

The complaint alleged that ‘Popeye’ spoke about drugs during his stream with the two young women, named in Russian media as Tatyana Fogelman and Julia Moretti.

Russian media also alleged that they were escorts.

‘Popeye’ also allegedly said during the stream that he was possibly skimping out on paying taxes with his money.

If Borodin’s suspicions are confirmed, the influencer, who has over 269,000 followers on Instagram, will reportedly face up to 13 years in prison.

In March, ‘Popeye’ revealed that he had undergone plastic surgery to enlarge his lips and sharpen his chin.


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