Star Rushed To Hosiptal As Pole-Dancing Stunt Goes Wrong

This is the moment a singing star comes down to earth with a bang when a pole-dancing stunt goes badly wrong.

Peruvian performer Leslie Shaw, from Lima, is one of South America’s biggest stars and she set up the dancing pole at her home to practice.

Footage of the incident, filmed on 4th December, shows her swaying to salsa music as she walks up to the pole dressed in a revealing sports leotard and towering platform shoes.

But as she wraps her long legs around the pole and launches herself off the ground, the ceiling bracket gives way.

The 34-year-old star is sent crashing face-first onto the floor on top of the steel pole.

With the camera still running, Leslie can be seen writhing and shrieking in agony until members of her family come running to help.

Bizarrely, despite her apparent agony the star finds the strength to rearrange her long blonde hair and move her phone so it gets a better shot of her.

Photo shows Peruvian singer Leslie Shaw, undated. She fell while pole dancing. (@leslieshaw/CEN)

A second clip shows the tearful singer being taken away by paramedics and pointing to her painfully bashed right arm.

At the hospital, she is seen being wheeled off for treatment on a trolly wearing a neck brace.

Afterwards, Leslie posted the footage on Instagram for her 3.3 million followers saying: “On Monday night I had one of the biggest scares of my life, as every afternoon I always dance on the pole that I have in my living room.

“After having been spinning for a few minutes I start a new recording and taking a turn I fell.

“The pain in my right shoulder and arm was intense.”

Some fans rushed to support her.

One named as ‘mariecherrypop’ said: “What an ugly scare!

Photo shows Peruvian singer Leslie Shaw, undated. She fell while pole dancing. (@leslieshaw/CEN)

“The good thing is that you were able to recover quickly to continue. Unstoppable.”

While ‘jannadancetraining’ said: “Leslie I saw and came running to see how you were doing.

“Thank God nothing bad happened I had a fall a few years ago and it hurt terribly and it’s no laughing matter…I had a muscle tear in my hip. Blessings queen.”

But others mocked her as a shameless publicity seeker.

One ‘lissyrousse’ said: “Lying on the floor in pain and turning her cell phone so they can see how it hurts.”

And While ‘carolina_miranda_6’ added: “The funniest thing is that in all your moment of pain, you took the time to move your cell phone so that it could focus on you well hahaha good.”

Local media reported that Shaw was not seriously injured in the accident and is recovering well.


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