Supermodel Turned Down When She Proposed To Boyfriend With Matching Rings

A gorgeous supermodel has told how she decided not to wait for her lover to put the question and propose to him with matching rings – and was stunned when he said no.

Vietnamese supermodel Vo Hoang Yen poses with rings in undated photo. She reportedly proposed her boyfriend. (@vohoangyen_official/Newsflash)

But fortunately, the 35-year-old Vietnamese model Vo Hoang Yen said she then realised he was joking when he made it clear he wanted to get married by putting the ring on her finger.

She said she had been preparing for a long time before she popped the question to her Vietnamese-American boyfriend on Wednesday, 6th December.

Vo posted the photo with the engagement rings for her 380k Instagram followers and said: “Thanks for always by my side and support me all the time. Will you be my husband?” (sic)

The model said she was sure he is the right man for her because of the feeling of security and trust she has when she is with him.

She said: “More than five years together. It’s time for me to ask this question: ‘Will you be my husband for the rest of my life?'”

Vo, who represented Vietnam at the 2009 Miss Universe contest, said: “I popped the ring out as soon as we got up early in the morning.

Vietnamese supermodel Vo Hoang Yen poses in undated photo. She reportedly proposed her boyfriend. (@vohoangyen_official/Newsflash)

She laughed as she explained that after asking the question ‘Will you be my husband for the rest of my life?’ he turned round and replied ‘No’.

But thankfully she realised he was only joking when he then put the ring on her finger anyway.

The two matching rings have their fingerprints on and Vo said she had to trick her fiance in order to get it.

However, Vo said they have still no plans for the wedding, due to her busy schedule.

The model said she had met her fiance at a party in the US and described him as a mature and serious person, 12 years older than her.

However, Vo told how she had to deal with the confrontation with her mother at the beginning of their relationship.

Vietnamese supermodel Vo Hoang Yen poses in undated photo. She reportedly proposed her boyfriend. (@vohoangyen_official/Newsflash)

She said: “At first my mother did not like me falling in love with a man with many tattoos, and in America, very far from home.

“Mom said she did not feel it. She thought I fell in love with someone who was not a decent person and my child would suffer.

“But after he came home to introduce himself to the family, my parents went from not liking him to liking their son-in-law.

“He seemed to hypnotize my family. My fiance knows very well how to please adults.”

Vo also told how she had undergone an egg-freezing process in Thailand.

She said: “The older a woman gets, the lower quality her eggs become.

“Egg freezing is the best solution for those that do not have an immediate plan to give birth.”


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