Ecuador’s Stunning First Lady’s Fashion Tribute To Princess Diana

Latin America’s newest first lady has told how she turned to Princess Diana for inspiration as she entered public life.

Lavinia Valbonesi, 25, poses in undated photo. She will be the first lady of Ecuador. (@laviniavalbonesi_/Newsflash)

Glamorous Angela Lavinia Valbonesi Acosta Noboa has become Edcuador‘s First Lady after her husband Daniel Noboa was voted in as president on 15th October.

Now it has emerged that the blonde TikTok and Instagram influencer took her style hints from one of the world’s greatest fashion icons.

Respected Italian daily newspaper Republica quotes First Lady Angela as saying: “I am inspired by Lady Diana.”

Fans have picked up on her devotion to royal style during the presidential campaign.

One gold metallic gown she is seen wearing in one picture seems to have been inspired by a lookalike gown worn by Kate, Princess of Wales in 2021.

Kate, then Duchess of Cambridge wore the Jenny Packham outfit to the red carpet premiere of the James Bond movie ‘No Time To Die’.

And Kate’s look was seen as a tribute to Princess Diana who wore a similar metallic Bruce Oldfield gown to the launch of the 1985 Bond blockbuster ‘A View To A Kill’.

Lavinia Valbonesi, 25, poses with husband in undated photo. She will be the first lady of Ecuador. (@laviniavalbonesi_/Newsflash)

Another picture shows the first lady wearing simple chinos and a white shirt that seems to echo Diana’s outfit for her walk through an Angolan minefield.

Fans say Angela often turns to Diana for her casual, easygoing look.

One portrait taken in a white shirt and jeans is just like the outfit Diana wore for a 1997 visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina as part of her anti-landmines campaign.

Now the glamourous first lady and her multi-millionaire husband, an heir to a banana plantation fortune are set to play the world stage.

They have one son Alvaro, born in 2022, and are expecting another baby.

The 25-year-old Angela was born in Chone, in western Ecuador, as the only child to an Italian father, but grew up in the Galapagos Islands made famous by Charles Darwin.

Lavinia Valbonesi, 25, poses with family in undated photo. She will be the first lady of Ecuador. (@laviniavalbonesi_/Newsflash)

The clinical nutritionist, model, and influencer has more than 366,000 Instagram followers and 242,000 followers on TikTok where she gives food tips.

Angela said of her husband’s victory: “‘What you ask from your heart is what God gives you’.

“I uploaded this photo with this phrase just over 2 years ago, on my honeymoon with Daniel, the beginning of what I asked most of God, my family.”

Daniel Noboa, 35, is the youngest president in the history of Ecuador.


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