Gorgeous Only Fans Model Doubles Her Money After Clash With Far Right Extremists

A stunning OnlyFans model who gained fame after she recorded a far-right get-together and posted it online has revealed that she doubled her income on the site in the wake of her brave confrontation with the extremists.

Emely Siebert, 24, from the city of Dresden, Germany, poses in undated photo. She revealed her OnlyFans followers’ bizarre desires. (CEN)

Busty Emely Siebert, 24, from the city of Dresden, Germany, revealed that her income had been boosted after she also opened up about the many bizarre requests she gets from her followers ever since she signed up on the adult platform.

The model, who worked as a nurse before she joined OnlyFans, said that the more modest of her clients will settle for a striptease or a peak at her gorgeous figure in sexy lingerie.

She added: “But then there are also those who get excited by feet or pee.

“Some users want humiliation in videos, sometimes they want to be laughed at.

“Others like to be addressed by name. Or to be begged to have sex with.”

When asked to explain more on the degradation fetish, the influencer said: “Most of the time I’ll be in lingerie and I’ll say something like, ‘I know you’d love to sleep with me, but someone like you will never be able to.

‘You can’t do anything with your small penis. Have you looked at yourself? Someone like you can only lick my shoes.’ Then I laugh at the guy.”

Emely Siebert, 24, from the city of Dresden, Germany, poses in undated photo. She revealed her OnlyFans followers’ bizarre desires. (CEN)

But she emphasised that she draws a clear line at sex dates.

Emely said: “I have already been asked about personal sex meetings. But I don’t do that.”

Explaining that she tries to fulfill every fan’s desire over a video call, she added: “In the end, I live off the users and I’m happy about positive feedback.

“There’s nothing better than doing what you enjoy and getting paid for it. Fair sex work is rare and in many areas men are still better paid.”

The gorgeous model revealed she is now apparently raking in a fortune from her racy content.

She said: “I earn around EUR 2,000 to EUR 3,000 [GBP 1,700 to 2,600] a month with my films and pictures.

“After the swastika video, I even had a weekly payout of EUR 4,000 [GBP 3,400].”

Siebert became popular within Germany in particular when she crashed a far-right party and filmed the guests enjoying their beers in a garden decorated with banned symbols in Doebeln, Saxony State, in May.

The symbols included a flag featuring a swastika and another flag featuring an imperial eagle and a Celtic cross hanging up in a marquee.

When asked if someone from the people she recorded had contacted her or admitted they were far-right extremists, she said: “I only get encouragement, and nobody had come out as a Nazi. “

But she added that she knew that her OnlyFans material was also being shared in far-right circles, which she said was not advisable as the site had pretty strong copyright protection laws.

She said that if caught: “It’s going to be pretty expensive for them.”


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