Influencer Fed Up Of Shaving Challenges Female Beauty Norms

An influencer has gone a year without shaving and is showing the results on TikTok to push back against traditional female beauty standards.

Argentine Martina Diaz suffers from a syndrome that causes thick hair to grow all over her body and face.

She confessed: “A year ago, I realised that I didn’t want to shave anymore.

“I realised all the suffering I had gone through because of hair, and I wondered what would happen if I let it grow.

“It shocked me that something that is exactly the same is so condemned in women and so accepted in men.”

Martina is now using her presence on TikTok to challenge the societal norm of women without body or facial hair.

She told her 291,100 followers: “This doesn’t make sense, what are we doing?

“First, I started spacing out my hair removal, I let it grow, started showing it on social media, and I found a lot of people who were inspired by it and told me about their experiences of suffering in adolescence because of hair, and I said, ‘No, this has to change.'”

Martina Diaz shows her body hair, undtaed. She shows her hairy body and body hair positivity content. (@martinadiaz______/CEN)

Martina’s posts have garnered numerous comments, largely supportive but some critical, from netizens.

On one of her latest videos showing off her bushy brows, one female TikTok user commented: “I love your natural eyebrows! Divine lashes!”

And on another post, a male netizen remarked: “I don’t like women like this, but that’s my problem; as long as you feel good and don’t sadden anyone, everything is perfect.”

However, another netizen wrote next to another of Martina’s videos: “You’re not ugly, just your eyebrows, and that’s it.”

In her TikTok bio, Martina jokes: “This account belongs to my eyebrows.”

She is also active on Instagram, where she has 11,300 followers and writes in her bio: “Activism about naturalising body hair in women.”


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