Woman Who Exposed Far-Right Barbecue Is OnlyFans Star

The German “Nazi hunter” who filmed men at a far-right get-together and exposed them online is an OnlyFans model raking in big bucks.

Busty Emely Siebert filmed the men as they enjoyed beers in a garden decorated with banned symbols in Doebeln, Saxony State, in May.

She had crashed the far-right shindig after it caught her eye as she passed by.

Emely’s footage shows a flag featuring a swastika and another flag featuring an imperial eagle and a Celtic cross hanging up in a marquee.

When the geriatric nurse confronted the men and quizzed them about the banned symbols, one holding a beer replied: “We’re celebrating Men’s Day today.”

Her video soon hit headlines throughout Germany.

Local media are now reporting that Emely, 24, is an OnlyFans star raking in big bucks from her hardcore sex videos.

She told local media: “I have always enjoyed doing things that are a bit outside the norm. I like to provoke.

“Moreover, I am glad to finally love my body and enjoy showing it off.”

The heavily-tattooed blonde signed up to the adult platform in February.

She told local media: “Before the first video, I was quite unsure and didn’t think I would find so much joy in it.”

But, she added: “The OnlyFans users are very polite and respectful towards me – I appreciate that about the community.”

Emely, from Dresden, is now apparently raking in a fortune from her racy content.

She said: “With my films and pictures, I earn around EUR 2,000 to 3,000 [GBP 1,700-2,600] per month.

“After the swastika video, I even had a weekly payout of EUR 4,000 [GBP 3,400].”

She added: “There is nothing better than doing what you enjoy and getting paid for it. Fair sex work is rare, and in many areas, men are still paid better.”

Thanks to Emely’s actions last month, the police are now investigating the man who hosted the far-right bash for “using symbols of unconstitutional organisations”.

However, she now also finds herself under investigation for trespassing and defamation, after the tenant, 46-year-old Jens S., reported her to the police.

Under German copyright law, people can only be shown publicly if they have given their consent.

According to reports, some of the men at the Nazi-themed barbecue were already known to the police.


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