Policeman Turned Blogger Complains Of Discrimination After Court Orders Removal Of Balcony Jakuzi

A millionaire influencer who became wealthy by showing off how wealthy he was with luxury cars and VIP holidays has complained after he was told to remove the Jacuzzi illegally installed on his balcony.

Kel Ferreti – who describes himself as a millionaire and a digital encourager showing his wealth so that other people can also get rich like him – decided that a perfect backdrop for some of his videos in the Jacuzzi would be his balcony with the sea in the background.

The 38-year-old, whose full name is Kleverton Pinheiro de Oliveira, is also a corporal in the military police but stopped active duty after becoming an influencer and is now in the process of being removed from the force.

Kleverton is from Maceio which is the capital and the largest city of the coastal state of Alagoas in Brazil.

The court has now ordered him to remove the tub after engineers claimed it was too heavy for the balcony, and could collapse at any stage.

After the court order, he shared videos of it on the sand outside and offering to sell it at a cut-price.

Kleverton also announced he had hired lawyers to come up with a new expert opinion to confirm that the Jacuzzi can be used on his balcony.

Brazilian influencer Kel Ferreti poses in undated photo. He removed his bathtub from apartment balcony after a court order. (@eukelferreti/CEN)

The influencer – who has over a million followers – took to social media to complain, saying: “Two years ago they talked about that bathtub and everything was resolved, until this new manager came back and started messing around with the matter again.

“It seems that some people are just jealous and don’t like to see anybody else happy, and I guess they saw how I was using the Jacuzzi on my social networks.

“In a year and a half, no one has said anything about that bathtub, but now with the new manager they want it removed.”

He added as far as he was concerned, he felt the new manager was not the right sort of person for the property, and was doing everything he could to get him to move out.

It is not the first time Ferreti has been involved in a scandal.

He filmed himself voting, which is a crime, and on another occasion, was seen standing on his car when it was travelling. He was also spotted dancing in his uniform and performing stunts.


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