Mum’s Agony As Coma Baby Dies On Second Birthday

A mum who made her baby daughter a social media star has told of her heartbreak after the tragic tot fell out a fifth-storey window and fell into a coma before dying on her second birthday.

Baby Emily and mum Arina Shalnova have almost 500,000 TikTok followers who adored clips of them playing and dancing together.

Now grief-stricken Arina, 20, has told how Emily fell from the window and survived for three weeks in a coma after being taken to hospital in Russia.

She died on 10th June – her second birthday – suffering from traumatic brain injury and a bleed in her brain.

Arina said on social media: “She had a fracture of the frontal bone and two parietal zones, a traumatic brain injury and, as a result, cerebral oedema.

“From the 22nd, she was in a coma.”

Photo shows the daughter of the Russian blogger Arina Shalnova, undated. The 2-year old Emily died on June 10, 2023, on her birthday after falling out of a window in May. (@_shlnv_/CEN)

Russian investigators believe the incident was a tragic accident, according to local media.

Arina said that a small apple tree growing near the house cushioned Emily’s fall, but her injuries were too severe.

Her heart stopped twice and doctors managed to resuscitate her but Arina said that on 10th June she got a call from the hospital saying Emily had died.

Arina said: “I don’t know how to talk about it, but I know what I have to say. The hand does not rise to write.

“I’m shaking all over. I still don’t believe it, I just can’t imagine that I will never see her again, dance with her, hug her, kiss her.

“Now I do not live, I merely exist. I so want her to be around. You are the best thing that happened to me in my entire life and will always be so.”

Photo shows Russian blogger Arina Shalnova in a photo with her daughter, undated. The 2-year old Emily died on June 10, 2023, on her birthday, after falling out of a window in May. ( @_shlnv_/CEN)

She added: “All this time we went to churches and prayed that everything would work out.”

Now Arina says she may shut down her social media sites.

She said; “I don’t know if I will continue to appear here, I don’t have any desire, I don’t care, but I’ll say one thing, I’ll post very often, if it’s very bad, I’ll cry here, I know that it will be easier for me.

“My heart is breaking. I will never forget you, my little kitten.”


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