Influencer Under Fire For Undergoing Breast Implant Surgery And Arms Liposculpture

The blonde beauty influencer Maya Nazor has come under fire for showing off her latest breast implants and arm liposculpture with people saying she is beautiful enough – and is setting an impossible standard for other young women.

Photo shows Maya Nazor after the surgery. She underwent a breast surgery and lypoesculpture. (@nazormaya/Newsflash)

Maya, 24, who is from Cuernavaca, Morelos, in Mexico, shared some pictures and footage from the hospital after undergoing breast surgery in order to ‘build her self-confidence’.

She also underwent a liposculpture in her arms in order to have a more aesthetic silhouette.

Netizens criticized her however saying that she was beautiful enough and did not need to undergo such plastic surgeries.

According to local media, the woman, needed a boost in her self-confidence over a split with the hip hop singer Santa Fe Klan, with who she has a child, after he was involved in a relationship with OnlyFans model Karely Ruiz.

Local media reported that the blonde will be on the cover page of the popular magazine Playboy, whose date of publication has not been revealed.

The young mother shared that she is very happy with the surgery on her breasts and arms, and that she even had a mole removed.

Doctors who operated on her explained that the cleavage of the woman was left beautiful and that “they look very circular, with a small separation, we put a 420 implant behind the muscle”.

Photo shows Maya Nazor after the surgery. She underwent a breast surgery and lypoesculpture. (@nazormaya/Newsflash)

Some netizens criticized her saying “very beautiful but the truth is that she did not need it”.

Another user said: “Maya we all know that the body of the women is not the same and that it changes a lot after becoming mum, but it is clear you looked pretty good anyway”,

Other netizens commented that the reason she underwent the surgery was to look like the OnlyFans star, Karely Ruiz, who has been involved with the singer.

Maya and the singer broke up in 2022.


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