Popular Singer Earns Five Times More On OnlyFans Than From Music

A singer and ukelele player whose covers went viral during the COVID-19 pandemic is now earning five times more OnlyFans than she did from music.

Velvety-voiced Valen Madanes started composing her own songs on the back of her social media success.

This, in turn, led to her performing as the opening act for international superstars such as Maluma, Camilo, and J Balvin at their gigs in Argentina.

But now she has decided to branch out and has opened an OnlyFans account, where she charges subscribers USD 12 (GBP 9) per month.

In just two weeks, she has picked up more than 2,000 followers.

Valen, 23, told local media: “OnlyFans takes up a lot of my time because I’m the one who interacts and chats with subscribers.

“I try to always keep the page updated and upload stories. It’s like an Instagram for erotic content.”

She explained: “I hired a photographer, rent locations to make the photos more produced, and entrusted the management of my profile to a digital marketing agency that not only takes care of creating promotional reels but also tracks when intimate material is shared without permission.”

Photo shows Valen Madanes, who went viral for playing ukelele and is now selling erotic content on OnlyFans. (@valenmadanes/CEN)

But Valen revealed that it is her more rough-and-ready content that earns her big bucks.

She said: “The amateur photos are what pay the most because it’s like sending them private photos.”

Valen said that what she likes about OnlyFans is how it allows her to connect directly with her fans.

She explained: “When I used to stream, it helped a lot that people knew me in a more intimate way to generate interest and build loyalty.

“I’m experiencing something similar now, although I’m aware that I’m exposing my intimacy and there is another level of perversion.”

Despite her new venture into erotic content, she has not stopped making music. However, it does not bring in nearly as much money as the former.

Valen said: “Until now, I couldn’t make a living from music. Before OnlyFans, I survived thanks to my social media, as different brands contacted me for advertising.

Photo shows Valen Madanes, who went viral for playing ukelele and is now selling erotic content on OnlyFans. (@valenmadanes/CEN)

“I promoted perfumes, online casinos, alcoholic beverages. There are always new clients.

“I earn five times more with nudes than with music, and three times more with my social media.

“Music gave me the most popularity, but it’s what gives me the least in terms of income.”

Valen, who boasts 808,000 followers on Instagram, went on: “Selling adult content is a super profitable business.

“If you organise yourself, you can do three sets of 40 photos each in one day, and you have content for the whole month.

“The most time-consuming part is responding to messages from people who are paying to see me, especially those from the premium service.”

The Argentine charges her VIP subscribers USD 100 (GBP 79) and shares her most explicit content with them.

Photo shows Valen Madanes, who went viral for playing ukelele and is now selling erotic content on OnlyFans. (@valenmadanes/CEN)

She told local media: “There are some, for example, who ask for birthday greeting videos or simply want me to show them my feet. There’s a bit of everything.”

And she said of her plans going forward: “I’m going to do monthly livestreams.”

Although OnlyFans now provides her biggest source of income, Valen insists that her presence on the platform is temporary.

She explained: “It’s not the only thing I’m going to dedicate myself to in life. I’m aiming to grow in music and someday be able to make a living from it.

“I’m doing everything from the ground up, and I still have a long way to go. OnlyFans is a shortcut to channel that popularity into music.”

Valen’s cover of “Calma” by Pedro Capo has 5.6 million views on YouTube.


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