Playboy Model Startles Insta Fans By Showing Them Spooky Falling Eye Halloween Mask

A stunning model and former wife of World Cup winner Mats Hummels has startled her online fans after showing them her spooky Halloween mask.

Image shows Cathy Fischer, ex Hummels, aged 35, undated photo. She showed her Instagram fans her Halloween mask. (Newsflash)

Ex-WAG Cathy Fischer, ex-Hummels, 35, from the town of Dachau, Bavaria State, Germany, hit the front this summer after appearing bare-breasted on the cover of German Playboy’s July 2023 edition.

But the gorgeous presenter has now taken things to the next level after sharing a series of snaps in which she can be seen posing in a sexy pink bra while bleeding from a massive gash on her forehead.

In addition, her eyelashes seem to be falling down her cheek from her disfigured eye.

Revealing that it is only a Halloween costume, Cathy told her 698,000 followers: “My face melted while frying… Now I’m ready for Halloween.

“Cathy the Zombie Barbie. Do you like Halloween?”

Image shows Cathy Hummels, 35, getting help from a police officer, undated photo. The emergency occurred after the stunning woman got her pants stuck in her bike chain. (@cathyhummels/Newsflash)

She then continued: “The world isn’t always pink, although I sincerely wish it to be.

“The best medicine for me is becoming aware and having my safe space in my Barbie pink world.”

Disatisfied with Cathy’s frightening look, her Instagram fans did not restrain from commenting on the social media posts.

Instagram user ‘kristina.90055’ said: “I have never in my life understood why some people want to dress up. For what reason? Most of the time it just looks like sh*t.”

User ‘angry___bob’: “Just awful and inappropriate.”

Cathy Hummels, 35, poses in undated photo. The stunning woman received help from a police officer after her pants got stuck in her bike chain. (@cathyhummels/Newsflash)

And ‘carinewisdom’ added: “I recommend therapy.”

The stunning influencer married Hummels in 2015 and they have a son, Ludwig, who is now five years old.

The pair tied the knot a year after Hummels won the 2014 World Cup with the German national team in Brazil.

Cathy announced that the two were splitting up after 13 years of marriage in November 2022.

She said after the court hearing: “Today marked our divorce. We continue to be friends, family, and caring parents. We had 13 wonderful years together.”


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