OnlyFans Star Sells 300 Vagina-Scented Candles To Single Punter

A smitten OnlyFans star’s fan has blown a small fortune snapping up 300 vagina-scented candles created to copy her natural essence.

Erotic performer Kine-chan, 21, says the single order was more than 90 per cent of her first run of the sexy wicks.

Kine-chan has more than half a million followers on Instagram and more than 2.8 million on TikTok.

Photos she has released show her sniffing one of the candles in apparent ecstasy while another has a box of the pink candles ready for mailing out.

A promotional video shows her gyrating suggestively in skin-tight gym wear.

Kine-chan explained: “Many people asked for things with my intimate scent.

“Several subscribers asked for my panties and lingerie.

“That’s when I thought of a way for them to enjoy the smell for longer, that wasn’t too complicated, but that was hygienic too.”

Kine-chan poses in an undated photo. The influencer sold 300 vagina-scented candles to a single fan. (@kinechan2.0/CEN)

Kine-chan added: “Contrary to what everyone thinks, the candle was produced by a pharmacist, with aromas that already exist.

“We mixed several scents to arrive at a result that was close to the original scent that we were looking for.

“Nothing was extracted from me, as most people think.”

As well as her new online career, Kine-chan who selected to represent Brazil’s Santa Catarina state in the Miss BumBum Brazil contest this year.

Acting star Gwyneth Paltrow already has her own This Smells Like My Vagina scented candle on the market for GBP 57 a time through her website Goop.

Kine-chan’s though are branded ‘This Smells Like My’ with a drawing of a flower underneath it.


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