Social Media Star Slammed For Plying Underage Girl With Booze

A teenage influencer has come under fire for sharing a video of herself plying an underage child with alcohol.

Belle Belinha, who has more than a million followers on social media, shared the video, seen here, on 17th June.

In the footage, Belle, 17, can be seen asking the girl to smell the vodka-based alcopop before telling her to drink it.

The Brazilian influencer can be heard saying: “She’s going to try it for the first time. It’s blueberry, my favourite.”

After sharing the video, netizens were quick to criticise her actions and point out that she may have committed a crime.

Under Brazilian law, “selling, providing, serving, administering, or delivering, even for free, in any way, alcoholic beverages to children or adolescents” is punishable by two to four years in prison plus a fine.

Following the stinging criticism, Belle, whose real name is Isabelle Souza, took down the video.

She returned to Instagram two days later to claim that the underage girl had not actually consumed the alcohol.

Influencer Belle Belinha apparently gives alcohol to a child in undated footage. She was criticized on the web. (Belle Belinha/CEN)

In a video, in which she appeared with the girl, she said: “We didn’t expect all of this to happen.

“That day, Livia (the child) was with her sister, the person responsible for her. She didn’t actually drink it.”

She added: “We thought about making this joke, but we didn’t think about all the consequences at the time. It was wrong, and I apologise to all of you.”

Belle went on: “I realised that the video was senseless, which is why I deleted it within 15 minutes.”

The influencer claimed she had even received death threats after sharing the clip.

But her apology did not apparently put an end to the matter.

According to local media, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Sao Paulo state (MPSP) opened an investigation into Belle’s mother on 22nd June.

Influencer Belle Belinha apparently gives alcohol to a child in undated footage. She was criticized on the web. (Belle Belinha/CEN)

Prosecutors believe Rita de Cassia Caetano de Souza may be guilty of promoting consumption of alcoholic beverages and engaging in obscene behaviour by underage individuals.

However, the probe does not relate to the video of the girl drinking alcohol but to others showing Belle herself drinking, smoking, and partying at nightclubs for over-18s.

According to the MPSP, “it is evident that the teenager’s mother is complicit in these behaviours and the exposure of inappropriate content for her daughter’s age”.

In another viral video in June 2022, Belle claimed to have kissed 72 people in a single night.


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