Pampered Multi-Millionaire’s Daughter Mocked Over Lavish Lifestyle

A loaded reality TV star has been mocked over flaunting her lavish lifestyle aboard her dad’s GBP 3.3 million luxury yacht.

Davina Shakira Geiss, 20, starred in German TV’s Kardashians-style show ‘The Geissens – A Terribly Glamorous Family’.

But now some of her 463,000 Instagram followers have branded her a turn-off for showing off her wealth in the middle of financial hard times for millions of people.

Davina – who relies on dad Robert Geiss’s USD 100 million (GBP 78.6 million) fortune – posted pictures of her suite on the family’s EUR 3.9 million (GBP 3.3 million) yacht Indigo Star.

In the snaps, Davina is seen posing in the sleek black and silver-themed bedroom dripping with luxury fittings.

The photos were taken during a break in Monaco, where her family moved to as tax exiles in 1995.

But some of her Insta followers were quick to criticise Davina for boasting about her family’s wealth.

One – ‘jimmyboy6927’ – said: “Would you even survive without luxury???”

Another – ‘alexan_dersiegl’ – said: “Hardly recognizable because of all the filters.”

And ‘tom198712’ – mocking her desperation for fame – joked: “Coming soon to OnlyFans.”

The Geiss family became household names in their German homeland after their reality show began screening on RTL in January.

Dad Robert’s fortune came from his sportswear business Uncle Sam and shrewd property deals in the South of France.

Since the show began its run Davina has launched a clothing line – DG by Indigo Limited – believed to be linked to her designer dad.

Some followers, though, loved her new snaps.

One – named ‘fex.original’ – said: “You are sooo ultra pretty.”

Another- ‘chrissi45.ty’ – commented: “You are what you are, stay that way.”

Davina once told how she plans to follow her dad into business and thinks she has inherited some of his commercial skills.

She said: “Dad taught us a lot.

“We already know quite well how we manage our money and how we can invest certain things.

“Some of the things you buy are also a kind of investment.”


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