Hugh Hefner’s Son Is On OnlyFans So He Can Splurge On Pokemon Cards And Comic Books

Hugh Hefner’s son Marston is on OnlyFans and uses the income to splurge on Pokemon cards and comic books.

Photo shows Marston Hefner, with his wife, undated. He reportedly produces content for OnlyFans. (@marston101/Newsflash)

But his wife, Anna Lambropoulos, is reportedly not happy about him creating content on the London-based adult platform.

Marston Hefner, 33, who spent the first eight years of his life in the Playboy Mansion, told Page Six: “She would rather me not be on OnlyFans, but what’s more important to her is me pursuing my dreams or my interests — taking risks.”

The gamer, writer and collector said that as a result, and despite not being “crazy about” his presence on OnlyFans, she still encourages him to explore what he finds “interesting”.

Marston, who said that he grew up with “Playboy strewn around in the house”, explained: “It is a long-term avenue for further financial security.”

He was also keen not to judge people for how they make their money, saying: “If people have sex and they make money from it, cool. If I end up doing it, cool.”

He also reportedly said that he would support Anna, who he married in August last year, if she decided to launch an account on the adult content social media platform.

Photo shows Marston Hefner, undated. He reportedly produces content for OnlyFans. (@marston101/Newsflash)

Marston, whose mother is the former Playboy Playmate Kimberley Conrad, 60, added: “If she wanted to do an open relationship, we’ll talk about it. If she wanted to do anything sexual, that’s a conversation that we have no matter what, and we are always having it.”

The famous Playboy guru’s son, who says that he is “bisexual AF”, also said: “I think we grew up with parents who, like, maybe the father could stray, or it was more acceptable for the male to do whatever they want. That’s not — I don’t believe in that.”

He also reportedly said: “I believe that there’s nothing wrong with nudity or sexuality.”

Marston refused to reveal how much he earns with the content he creates on OnlyFans, but hinted that it was a lot, saying that he would be able to afford a Pokemon Trophy card before the end of the year.

Some rare Pokemon Trophy cards can cost thousands of dollars.


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