Dutch Model And Ex Wife Of Tottenham Hotspur Footie Ace Says She Skips Breakfast To Stay In Shape

A stunning Dutch model and ex-wife of Tottenham Hotspur footie ace van der Vaart whose GBP 700,000 handbags were stolen while she was on holiday has revealed that she skips breakfast in order to stay in shape.

TV star Sylvie Meis poses in her dressing room, undated. Handbags worth EUR800,000 were stolen from her apartment in Hamburg, Germany. (@sylviemeis/CEN)

Sylvie Meis is currently in Greece for the new season of Germany’s dating game show ‘Love Island’ less than a month after cops launched a poster campaign to find her GBP 689,000 designer handbags and jewellery.

Now in an interview with German newspaper Bild, the 45-year-old TV presenter from the city of Hamburg, Germany, shared her secret about how she maintains a perfect shape.

The Dutch model, who was married to former Tottenham Hotspur footie ace Rafael van der Vaart, said: “I skip breakfast because I decided to do intermittent fasting a while ago.

“This means that at 16:8 I eat my meals in an eight-hour window. This is extremely good for my body and works great for me. So I start my lunch at 1pm.”

Sylvie continued: “Here I rely on cold vegetable soups, salads, scampi or white fish, and a large portion of vegetables.

“Here in Greece, we are exceptionally lucky to have a fantastic chef in the house who conjures up something very special for us every day and so far there has been a different variation of it every day.

“In the evening, we actually have something similar again, a vegetable soup – this time warm, a variety of vegetables, sometimes spicy, sometimes fruity, sometimes sour, colorful salads and fish, preferably salmon.

TV star Sylvie Meis poses in undated photo. Handbags worth EUR800,000 were stolen from her apartment in Hamburg, Germany. (@sylviemeis/CEN)

“If we have to be on set in the morning, I like to take an omelet with lots of vegetables like spinach, onions, tomatoes, and peppers, which I also like cold.”

When asked whether she allows herself a cheat day once in a while, the influencer said: “My dear friend and local hair and make-up artist, Serena Goldenbaum, had her birthday this week and there was a lot of feasting going on.

“But we wanted to keep it healthy. We conjured up and enjoyed cakes, cookies, chocolates, and ice cream made from natural foods such as bananas, dates, and various fruits.

“I feel like having a snack every now and then, I go for nuts, berries, and dried fruits.”

The gorgeous blonde, who boasts more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram, revealed that she works out up to five times a week, and said: “That means my abs-legs-butt exercises and cardio.

“I’ll keep this up until lunch. The live show is on Mondays, so I can’t make it in time, and I rest on Tuesdays too, but the rest of the days it always fits in well because we’re not on set until lunchtime.”

She explained that music greatly motivates her to successfully finish her fitness sessions.

TV star Sylvie Meis poses in undated photo. Handbags worth EUR800,000 were stolen from her apartment in Hamburg, Germany. (@sylviemeis/CEN)

Sylvie said: “It doesn’t work for me without music. I always have my playlist in my ear. It varies depending on your mood.

“When I’m super motivated, I listen to different music than when I need a little push. I also love changing into my gym clothes. That always gives me additional motivation mentally.”

The astonishing model reportedly was on vacation on the Spanish party island of Ibiza when unknown individuals broke into her apartment in July.

The crooks made off with handbags worth a whopping EUR 800,000 (GBP 689,000). They have not been located yet.


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