Celebrity TV Love Guru Defends Kissing Son, 11, On The Lips

A Russian TV presenter is defended kissing her 11-year-old son on the lips saying that she wanted to show him lots of affection because she never received much love as a child herself.

Anfisa Chekhova, 45, was married to artist Guram Bablishvili and the couple who married in 2015 and divorced in 2017 have a son called Solomon.

There was heated debate online when a video was shown of the mother and son apparently on holiday in Bali where she holds him in her arms and kisses him on the lips before throwing him back into the water and posing for the camera.

When she was quizzed about it she said that no psychologist would be able to give a reason why she should not show love her child and added that when she had been a little girl she did not really receive any affection from her parents. Nor did her mother ever tell her that she loved her.

She said she was determined to show her son the love that she never had, adding: “For me, my child is a very big part of my life and that will remain the case until emus in my life. Until that happens I want to make sure that we will feel comfortable.

“I kiss him endlessly. I kiss in on the lips and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Italian parents kiss their children on the lips. I believe that no psychologists can forbid me to show love”.

Russian celebrity and TV sex guru Anfisa Chekhova, 45, kisses lips of her 11-year-old son, undated. She was criticized for this. (@achekhova/CEN)

The celebrity who was presenter of the ” Sex with Anfisa Chekhova ” TV show added that while she had boyfriends, she always make sure that they met at the weekends when the boy could be with his father.

The former presenter of the Model XL program is well known for her supporting her son when he announced that he does not want to do homework, she announced plans to demand a law making homework illegal.

He said: “I can’t watch him suffer. I also hated and still hate school. My child does not like to study because he is overburdened with all the studying. This should not be the case. My heart is breaking, giving permission, and tell him that I won’t care if he doesn’t. I won’t scold him or punish him.”


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