Arrested Mum Not Worried About Kids, But Demands Skin Care Products

A popular beauty influencer with two children has begged cops in Turkey to get her vitamins so she can keep her skin clean and youthful after being locked up on suspicion of money laundering.

Photo shows Dilan Polat, undated. Dilan Polat, a Turkish businesswoman and influencer was detained over allegations of money laundering. (@dilanpolat/Newsflash)

Accused Dilan Polat, 33, apparently made no special requests about her children after she was arrested and taken into custody by police in Istanbul on 1st November.

But she was apparently very worried about her good looks, asking the cops to make sure that she had her beauty products with her while in custody.

She and her husband, Engin Polat, were apprehended alongside 15 other suspects, primarily close relatives, on various allegations including tax evasion and money laundering.

The couple, who have stakes in numerous industries with 21 companies from cosmetics to the construction sector, came to investigators’ attention after countless social media posts about their lavish lifestyle, extravagant jewellery and luxury properties and vehicles.

Dilan had even bragged to her 7 million Instagram followers that her husband bought her a private plane and claimed it was all because of the numerous businesses they manage.

But an investigation by the Organised Crimes Investigation Bureau reportedly revealed the couple allegedly gained their wealth by laundering funds through family-owned companies.

Photo shows Dilan Polat with her husband, Engin Polat, undated. Dilan Polat, a Turkish businesswoman and influencer was detained over allegations of money laundering. (@dilanpolat/Newsflash)

The Istanbul Anatolian Public Prosecutor’s Office requested that all assets belonging to the suspects be seized and their passports confiscated.

Investigators believe Dilan used forged documents in order to reduce the taxable income derived from the sales she made online.

According to their reports, on one occasion, Dilan had funneled an influx of TRY 200 million (GBP 5.7 million) into family-owned companies by issuing fake invoices supposedly in exchange for trade from three liquidated firms.

During the arrest, however, Dilan reportedly did not seem to show regret or express worry about her two children, but was rather concerned about her looks behind bars.

She reportedly asked officers if she could bring along her vitamins, and said: “My skin is very important. This place doesn’t suit my skin, I need to take my vitamins.”

Police, however, reportedly denied her bizarre request.


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