Influencer Brags After Intimate Surgery

A beautiful influencer has told her followers how happy she is after she underwent vaginal surgery to reduce her labia and vulva.

Influencer Leyla Arrais poses in a before image, undated. She showed the results of intimate surgery. (@leyla_arrais/Newsflash)

Brazilian Leyla Arrais posed for her 2.7 Instagram followers in a purple set to show them the difference between the “before” and “after”.

Leyla said: “This is the vulva cleaned and the labia cut out, which were sticking out.

“Look what a beautiful thing.

“My vulva was big, at that point, I really had to clean it, cut out the labia.

“It was half there, half here. My husband and I have to like it.”

Influencer Leyla Arrais poses in an after image, undated. She showed the results of intimate surgery. (@leyla_arrais/Newsflash)

Netizens were quick to support Leyla in her change.

Instagram user ‘daiannerochaa’ said: “I cut it too! It looks beautiful! Sure, some people criticise because they can’t do it.”

While ‘mary.silva_x’ wrote: “If it’s wrong, they criticise, if it’s right, they criticise again, then by all means do it, be happy with perfect vulva, Leyla.”

And ‘___brunarosa’ commented: “You are a wonderful woman, you deserve it.”

However, some netizens remarked that natural is more beautiful, with user ‘eduardalves’ saying: “Mine is like that and it doesn’t bother me, I think it’s pretty when it’s big.”


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